Four stunning red earth-colored buildings that offer a unique contrast in the overall environment of the area. 

The architectural challenge is above all to combine modernity with tradition through the use of textures and pronounced materials reminiscent of the beautiful landscapes of our African heritage. 

They offer 14 high-end apartments including: 

  • four bedroom/ 4 bath duplex villa on the ground floor with a terrace and private garden
  • Two bedroom/2 bath apartment and Three Bedroom/3 bath apartment on different levels
  • Two four bedroom/ 4 bath duplex Penthouse


From the use of endemic and ecological materials, to energy optimization, or the integration of the best technological tools, we have explored all tracks in order to make this new real estate development an avant-garde project and an example of African excellence.  


Pattern – Transparency

Wood - Sculptural - Relief

Envol City is more than a real estate project, it is a vision of the Africa of the future, based on modernity and innovation. This area is located in the First District, whose vocation is to serve as an event cluster.